Tina Clay-Reynolds

Enter if you dare

detective Jamie

Man all this reading of how weapons work and combustables. Not very safe stuff to work with but in the end will be a great reward. Also studying for then pryotechniques. Also maybe modifing some items i have.. Well back to the books and maybe find a friend to help  me with my ideas.

My puppy
So with the septic tank exploded at the circus we been living in a hotel from the insurance company. All the circus animals went to the zoo and sold now. But my dog is in the shelter or boarding facility. I want my puppy back..
Leo I want my dog bring him out now!!!!

New Lap top
Well not exactly new. I just got it fixed recently as someone used my laptop and it ended up getting a virus from death.. *Looks at Cleo*

Well here i am on this journal.. I am not very good at keeping a paper journal so maybe i can do this between my adventures.
Laters net.


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